GP 4G Internet Offer 2023

Grameenphone is a mobile operator company with the largest network in Bangladesh. Of course Grameenphone has different types of customers among its customers. They are working tirelessly to create packages that suit all types of customers. We all are aware that since several years the internet system of 4G speed has been launched in Bangladesh. Just introducing 4G internet system will not solve everything.

To launch this 4G internet system, every mobile operator company has to take a lot of trouble to develop their networking sites. Every mobile operator company has to go through the same hardships as it has to start all over again from 3G to 4G. Now we know that Grameenphone has managed to convert everything under its 3G network to 4G network.

Not only that they have converted to 4G network but also the users who have to do is to use 4G SIM. Using only 4G SIM is not enough and you need to use 4G set to get proper speed. When these things are combined only you can realize the true Grameenphone 4G internet speed. So there are different types of 4G packages for those who get these things absolutely right. The specialty of 4G internet packages is that when you use the internet of these internet packages, you will get full 4G speed which will increase the speed of your internet use many times.

4G Internet Package Grameenphone

Among Grameen Phone’s 4G internet packages, the biggest package is a package of 50 GB internet and 1000 minutes. Normally you have to spend only Rs 899 to purchase this bundle package which is a great deal. As far as I know if you buy 1000 minutes directly you will have to spend around Rs.700. If you want to buy more 50 GB with this, you will have to spend at least 400 rupees.

If you don’t calculate very well, I think Grameenphone is saving you 300 taka through this package. And the real feature of this package is that it is a complete 4G package that will increase your internet speed several times. But directly you have to activate this 4G package through My GP app or official website of Grameenphone with your mobile number. You will get a validity of 30 days for the full band package. Now you have to decide which package you want to purchase.

Grameenphone 1 GB Internet Offer

Grameenphone has 1GB internet offer for just 38 Tk. In this one place they announced 3 days internet validity but here is one thing. Out of the 1 GB internet you get, 512 MB is 3G internet and the remaining 512 MB is 4G internet.

Besides, if you want to purchase a full 4g internet package from Grameenphone, then there is a bundle of 6GB internet packages where you can get this package for 7 days for only 124 taka.

Besides, Grameen Phone’s 4G internet package includes full 2 GB internet at Tk 499. The best part of this package is that you can purchase this package for just 499 rupees but you will get its validity for full 30 days.

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