GP 6 Minutes Offer Pack 2023

You can purchase an offer package of 6 minutes from your Grameenphone SIM. If you have no idea about this offer packet in 6 minutes then we can help you. You have come to the right place to know the details of what you need to do to purchase this 6 minute offer package and by which dialing you can purchase this offer.

We will not only give you this 6-minute information but also try to provide many other information that will definitely be useful for you. The biggest thing is that we are going to provide this information directly through your Grameenphone official website. By doing this you will get a nice list where you can easily know more details about many information.

Grameen phone Minute Pack Offer

We have listed about 5 to 7 offers among the revised minute packs available in Grameenphone. I will try to inform you about each offer but before that I will give you a little idea about the main package that I will talk about today.

You can activate a package of 6 minutes from Grameenphone and it will cost you 3.7 rupees to activate the package of 6 minutes. After activating this package, the 6 minutes you will get in your balance will be given for 4 hours. You can purchase this 6 minute package by dialing *121*4023# activation quota.

Besides, Grameenphone gives you the opportunity to purchase 4 minutes by spending 2.5 taka, which gives 4 hours duration. You can purchase H4 minutes by dialing *121*4022# Action Quota. You can buy 10 minutes from Grameenphone by spending 6 rupees and these 10 minutes will be valid for 6 hours. You can purchase this minute package by dialing the activation code *121*4024#.

GP offers the opportunity to buy 15 minutes for 9 rupees and the 15 minute package for 9 rupees has a validity of 6 days. By dialing the activation code *121*4060# you can purchase this package of 15 minutes for 9 rupees. You can buy 16 minutes from GP by spending 10 rupees and the validity of these 16 minutes is 24 hours. You can activate these 16 minutes from your Grameenphone SIM by dialing the activation code *121*4021#.

In that offer you can talk for 20 minutes and you have to spend only 12 dhaka to buy this offer. To buy this offer for 12 taka, you need to dial directly *121*4062# and immediately you will receive a return SMS on your mobile that will let you know whether this offer has been purchased.

Grameenphone 10 Minutes 6 Taka Package

You can buy 10 minutes from Grameenphone for 6 rupees. This 6-minute period of Grameenphone 10 rupees is given for six hours. You can use this minute on any local number from Grameenphone. For this you need to directly dial *121*4024# and immediately a return SMS will come to your mobile. Also we have information about many other packages and if you want to know about them then please visit our website regularly.

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