GP Bondho Sim Internet Offer 2023

GP Internet offers off SIM include some great offers for 2023. Grameenphone will give you a very warm welcome when you return to a closed SIM. Basically when someone has more than one GP SIM, if one SIM is blocked then that SIM is declared blocked for a long time. By doing this, Grameenphone authorities try to activate that SIM. If you are trying to activate the SIM then try in a way that will benefit you.

And to be profitable, first of all, you need to know how to activate your closed seam, which offer you are getting. We have collected all the information about Bandha SIM internet offer 2023 by directly accessing Grameenphone official website. After collecting the information for a long time we will try to present these internet offers for you today. So without further ado, let’s find out from the list below what GP is offering for closed SIM.

GP off sim internet offer pre condition

If you want to avail internet offer on your GP locked SIM then first of all you need to make sure that your locked SIM is a prepaid SIM.
The offers we are mentioning today may be for a limited time and may change later.
All Internet offers of this closed SIM have no auto-renewal mechanism. That is, you cannot activate the auto-renewal method here even if you want.
If you run out of internet while using the internet then you will be charged as PAYGO charges. Be careful in this case.
Another thing is that these offers are not applicable to Grameenphone’s Skito SIM, so be careful.
You can activate these offers by visiting GP Maya Offers or My GP Apps or by dialing the activation code you can activate these offers.


If you check before whether you will get internet offer on GP Bandh SIM then you have to dial *121*5555# on this activation code number through which you can know about the offer very easily.
Also, you need to dial *121*1*2# to know the validity of your offer.
You can use the same code above to know your remaining balance from Grameenphone.

Grameenphone off SIM internet offer

You can buy full 6 GB internet for 7 days with Grameenphone closed SIM for 60 taka. To purchase this package you need to dial *121*5181#.

Also if you want to buy 2gb internet and 50 minutes for 45 taka on grameenphone bandh sim then this opportunity is available. You can easily activate this package by dialing the activation code *121*5222#.

Also, if you want to take a big package in Grameenphone, then you can buy 30 GB internet and 750 minutes of time off for 30 days for 619 rupees on Grameenphone closed SIM. You can easily activate this package by dialing the activation code *121*5151#.

Also, you can buy 150 minutes talk time and 5 GB internet on Grameenphone unlocked SIM for just Tk 120. To buy 150 minutes talk time and 5 GB internet you need to dial *121*5000# activation code number.

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