GP Combo Offer Code 2023

Today we will talk about GP Combo Offers and the benefits of these bundle offers. I have shared my experience wherever I have talked about combo offers on our website. The reason I like to share my experience is that there is no misinformation from this experience and it is my real life experience. Today we will talk about the bundle internet and bundle minutes offer of Grameenphone i.e. the country’s best mobile operator company.

People like me who buy and use one big bundle package every month must be aware of GP’s bundle pack and its benefits. But those who are sitting like fool till now and don’t know anything about this bundle pack can know all information from us here today. So let us know about some of the big bundle packs from here.

Grameenphone Monthly Bundle Offer List 2022

If you want to purchase some great bundle offers from Grameenphone for the entire month then you have come to the right place. We have prepared some bundle offers for you that you will be surprised to see the list of bundle offers. Now we will tell you about those bundle offers and you will definitely be more than happy to know them.

A bundle offer of 600 minutes with 2 GB internet is given on GP official website. Where you can purchase this brand’s offer for 30 days by dialing Akvision code by spending only Rs 494. You can enjoy this beautiful bundle package by dialing the activation code *121*3447#.

Another good package is GP’s monthly bundle package where you can buy 10 GB internet with 300 minutes. You have to spend only 599 rupees to purchase this complete package. I think if you buy this internet package then you don’t have to worry about internet and talktime for the whole month. You can easily buy this internet by dialing *121*3448# activation code.

For those who need more talk time and less internet, the GP authority has provided an option to buy 6 GB internet package with 1200 minutes talk time. It seems as if 6 GB internet with 1200 minutes of talk time is given for free because this internet and talk time package is priced at 997 rupees only. This complete package should be activated by dialing *121*3449# activation code.

If you want to purchase a package of 600 minutes talk time and 25GB internet from your GP SIM then you have to spend only Rs.989. By spending this money, you can purchase this beautiful package for the whole month ie 30 days. To activate this package dial *121*3450# this activation code.

GP Postpaid Bundle Offer List 2022

GP authorities have launched several bundle offers for postpaid SIM users in 2022 on their official website. To know about these bundle offers you need to use this link provided by us. In another article, we will present you the postpaid bundle offer list of GP. So that you can know about those things very little there.

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