GP Free Internet Offer 2023 Code

Welcome to our today’s article for those of you who want to know about Grameenphone’s free internet offer. We noticed several comments where enthusiasm for asking about Grameenphone’s free internet could be seen. Today we will talk about Grameenphone’s free internet and try to know how you can activate it. Of course, you must have a detailed understanding of these packages so that you can activate free internet according to the correct information.

Everyone understands that you are not usually given something directly. Free internet is given in exchange for something ie if you buy something then some free internet is given along with it. A few years ago there was a lot of trend to use free internet in Bangladesh using free VPN or proxy. But now that trend has gone down and slowly everyone has learned to buy and use internet through money. From our article today we will try to know how you can collect free internet from Grameenphone.

How to get Grameenphone Free Internet

If you want to buy free internet from Grameenphone then you must know this. Each internet offer will be valid for 7 days. Those of you who do not know any information about this free internet offer till now, you can definitely know about that free internet offer from here. Now we will tell you how you can get free internet.

The easiest way to get free internet from Grameenphone is to get a new Grameenphone connection. Grameenphone is giving 10 GB free internet on new connection. So if someone asks you if it is wise to get free internet from Grameenphone then you can answer him to buy a new SIM.

Grameenphone New SIM Free Internet

If you buy a new Grameenphone SIM, you will get 10 GB free internet there. First of all you need to visit your nearest telecom shop to buy internet. And from there buy a new sim and recharge the specified amount of that sim. According to the current market and price, it will cost you 250 rupees to buy a new Grameenphone SIM. After that 10 GB free internet will be given to your SIM which will be given to you in 1 GB every month. In this way you can purchase Grameenphone free internet.

Grameenphone 4G handset free internet

If you want to know another way to get free internet from Grameenphone, then I will say that if you buy the 4G handsets that Grameenphone is selling under its sponsorship, you will get 7GB internet from there. You will not get it if you buy any type of 4G handset, if you can buy these 4G handsets covered by Grameenphone and insert the Grameenphone SIM and make the first recharge amount then you will get this offer.

You will receive an SMS on your mobile immediately informing you that you have been given 7 GB internet for free. Also you can purchase 1GB per month from that handset for just Rs.17. We hope you have learned enough about Grameenphone’s free internet from our article today. You must follow our website to know about every internet package that Grameenphone has brought. Thank you so much for staying with us.

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