GP Internet And Minutes Offer 30 Days 2023

Internet and minutes offers are commonly Referred to as Bundle offers or comb offers. Today we will discuss all these bundle offers in detail with you and you may have understood from the heading that we will only talk about 30 days i.e. monthly packages. Day by day everything is getting easier for us. Earlier we couldn’t even think of a combo pack but now every operator is offering that combo pack.

That means you can purchase your used internet and used minutes at the same time. Not only this but also the other offers that are being given are that you can buy this bundle pack for the whole month. The bottom line is that you can buy your internet and minutes for a whole month for just ten minutes by purchasing a bundle offer. Those who prefer to buy this 30 days bundle pack like me please stay with us till the end.

GP Bundle Pack 30 Days

Among the various bundle packs that GP has developed, we will talk about the most popular packs that are currently occupying the market in 2023. Basically 30 days means not big packages but there are many people who want to buy many small packages for 30 days GP has created bundle packages like them keeping in mind all the customers. So here you try to get the light instead of staying in the dark and collect the information through our complete article.

You can purchase a bundle package of 250 minutes with 8 GB internet from your Grameenphone SIM. By purchasing this package you get the opportunity to purchase your internet and minutes for the whole month at the same time. The entire package is being offered for 30 days and this package will cost you only Rs.397.

Also, Grameenphone will give you the opportunity to buy 12 GB internet with 350 minutes talk time package. For those who use light internet, 12 GB internet is enough for me for 30 days and besides 350 minutes of off time is enough to talk with loved ones. You will get 350 GP points as a bonus for buying this complete package. Normally the validity of this big package is 30 days. The GB authorities have fixed the price of this big package at Tk 489. This package is the newest among the all-rounder packages currently available by Grameenphone.

Grameenphone has a separate package for those who don’t need internet at all or don’t talk for very few minutes. Maybe you have two sims and between those two sims you want to put a little something on one sim. These packages are especially suitable for seniors because their relatives call to check on them but only a small amount of minutes is enough when they want to call. Here 100 minutes talk time with 1.5 GB internet is being offered for just 128 taka and this complete package is valid for 30 days.

Also, there is a 200 minute package with 3 GB internet, the price of the package is only Tk 249. Also, the price of this package has been announced at Tk 699 for those who want to take the big package i.e. 15 GB internet with 5 GB internet bonus i.e. full 20 GB internet and 700 minutes talk time package.

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