GP Internet Offer 1 GB 17 Taka 2023

Among the internet offers there are some special internet offers which are the most demanded offers. Naturally, when demand is high, customers try to learn more about this offer. If 1 person has taken this internet offer then if someone around him knows about it, he is definitely interested to know more. We cannot live without internet but if that internet is given to me at a very cheap price then we don’t hesitate to take advantage of that offer.

One such attractive internet is the GP internet offer of 1 GB internet only 17 rupees. Today I will talk to you about the full details of this internet offer and you can know the details which you cannot know directly through this article. So if you want to know all the information about the internet before taking the internet then we are always by your side and you can do the right thing with us.

GP Internet Offer 1GB 17 Rs Details

To tell the detailed information about GP Internet offer 1gb 17 rupees, first of all it has to be said that it is a special package for special customers.
In this package you will get only 1 GB internet and nothing else. You have to spend only 17 rupees to buy this 1 GB internet.
Package validity is given to you for full 7 days.
If you avail this offer then you can purchase this package maximum 2 times but definitely not twice within 1 time offer validity period of 7 days.
You can use this internet on 2G network or 3G network or 4G network if you want.
As Grameenphone has reserved this offer for special customers, not everyone can get this offer.

GP 1 GB 17 Tk Internet Offer Code

You have detailed information about the internet offer but what you don’t have is the code to activate the offer. Actually that information is worthless to you because if you don’t know about offer code then how to activate internet. We have detailed information about that offer code which you can easily find here.

By dialing this activation code *121*5003#, customers enjoying the offer can purchase GP 1GB internet for Tk 17. As you may have read the above section it is very well mentioned that GP has these offers only for special customers. So not everyone will get this offer and those who will not get this offer will not be able to purchase the offer by dialing this activation code anyway.

Only those who avail these offers will activate the offer by dialing the activation code. Also after activating the offer if you want to know the internet balance then you have to dial *121*1*4# activation code number through which you will get details about your offer balance in 1 return SMS. Hope you have enough idea about this small internet package from our article. Apart from this, if you want to know about any internet packet, you can directly contact us in the comment box.

Every mobile operator company always tries to bring something new for the customers in the new year. In this case, Grameenphone will not be left behind as the best mobile operator company in the country. Always request to visit our website to know about all the offers of Grameenphone 2023.

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