Gp Internet Offer 10 Gb 100 Taka 2023

Today we will talk about a special internet offer of Grameenphone in which you will get full 10 GB internet for just 100 taka. Bengalis use the internet a lot and love to spend the whole day immersed in the internet. It does not matter if any new pleasure is added to the work we enjoy. We use the internet constantly so if we look closely we spend a lot of money on the internet every month.

If an operator brings you some good quality internet offer at this cost then you will not want to miss that internet offer. You will want these internet offers to be available all the time but even though these internet offers are not available all the time you can still take internet offers from time to time. We cannot say anything about whether the internet offer that we will talk about today is available now or later. Check out our full article on Chhotaf for details on today’s offer.

GP 10 GB Internet Tk 100 Details

Those of you who are using My GP Apps must be aware that My GP Apps are constantly giving you new internet offers. The first thing you need to do to avail of this internet offer is to purchase the internet package through My GP Apps. If you don’t have My GP app then you need to download My GP app through Google Play Store and keep it ready after completing the login register on your phone.

Then from there, you can activate this package very nicely through My GP Apps. But those who don’t have My GP apps or those who want to buy an internet package by dialing also have another method to activate this nice internet package.

For this, first of all you have to dial the activation code number *121*3133# from your mobile and immediately a return SMS will come through which you will know that you have been given that internet. But this internet package is being offered only for a limited time so if you are late then you might not get this internet package.
This internet is provided for grameen phone prepaid users and you can use this internet package of any type of network.

The biggest thing is that you can buy 10 GB of internet for 100 taka and not only that, it is given for full 30 days. Usually, no one will give you an internet offer for such low amount of money so if you have time you should take this internet offer.

GP Internet Offer 2023

We have informed you in detail above about a very nice Internet offer of the Grameenphone 2023. First of all, visit our website to get more new internet offers like this. That’s because we follow Grameenphone’s official website and My GP apps every day. If any offer falls in front of our eyes in a new way then we immediately write about these offers for your benefit without delay. I bid farewell to all of you today with the expectation of coming to you with a new offer just like that.

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