Gp Internet Offer 30 Days 2023

If you want to talk about GP Internet offer 30 days then you must know the new 30 days packages of 2023. Among the new offers that Grameenphone authorities have brought in 2023, the 30-day period offers are definitely more popular. The main reason behind the popularity of these offers is that if you want to buy a monthly offer, then you can buy a lot of things at an affordable price.

If you sit with a calculator, you will see that you can save 100 to 200 taka if you buy the internet that you buy little by little throughout the month. It is definitely a lot for Grameenphone users but another big benefit for this is that you can enjoy extra internet usage with this money. Today we have presented a list of 30 days of internet, which will be discussed according to the list.

Grameenphone Monthly Internet Package List 2023

For those of you who want to buy a whole month’s internet at once, be it small or large, Grameenphone has brought different types of internet packages for the whole month. We have detailed information on what you need to do and how much you need to spend to purchase those internet packages for the entire month. Of course, if you want, you can collect the detailed information from us here.

You can buy 50 GB internet from Grameenphone for just 998 rupees. If you buy this internet package for 30 days with Tk 998 then you will get full 20 GB internet 4G with it. 4G internet experience is different and this 4G internet with high speed will surely help you to enjoy new experience. You can purchase this big package from Grameenphone by dialing the activation code *121*3394#.

Another package is GP 30 days internet package where customers can buy 25GB internet for just Rs 649. Such big internet package and buying method is so easy that anyone can buy by applying this method. *121*3393# This is the activation code to activate this offer or package. The best thing is that you don’t have to get the offer for this, you can buy this offer from any Grameenphone SIM.

GP 30 days internet package includes a nice package of fifteen GB internet package. You can buy it for just Rs 498 which can be very cheap internet for you. The biggest thing is that you can use this internet package for up to 30 days which gives you a lot of time to use your internet package. *121*3459# You will use this activation code for internet purchases.

GP has 10 GB internet package where you will get 2 GB 4G internet in it. You are getting a chance to buy 10GB internet for 399 taka in the whole package which is valid for 30 days. This package is a great package for those who need a little bit of internet throughout the month and to purchase this package you need to directly dial *121*3392# to purchase the package.

Also GP has different packages for full month like 1 GB internet package or 3 to 5 GB internet package. To know about these packages pay attention to our next article which will surely give details about it.

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