Gp Internet Offer Check Code 2023

Now the topic we will talk about is GP Internet Offer Check Code. I want to clearly discuss what this matter is in front of everyone. Many people do not know or understand about internet offer check codes. Internet offer check code is an important code through which you can know about all internet offers on your GP SIM.

Earlier there were some offers that were open to all i.e. anyone could use these packages. But now the type of internet offers has changed and new internet offers are also available with the change. As usual, there are definitely some internet offers that are open to everyone and can be taken anytime.

However, apart from this, Grameenphone authorities constantly offer different internet packages for everyone, depending on the people and the type of SIM user. Maybe many people don’t know or didn’t know it. Depending on the way you purchase your internet package every month, Robi’s office will inform you which internet package is being offered separately for you.

GP will inform you about those packages through SMS. We receive several SMS from the GP’s office during the day but we don’t even know which SMS we open. So if you get these sms and want to know about this separate internet package then you must open and read the sms.

But if you don’t get that opportunity then there is a code through which you can dial directly to know what internet offer is available on that GP SIM currently or that day. So if you can buy the internet package according to that offer then it can definitely be very affordable for you. Today we will teach you how to get any activation code from your GP SIM using any handset or how to know all internet offers of your GP SIM.

GP Internet Offer Check Code

To talk about the GP Internet Offer Check Code, the first thing to say is to open the keypad of your mobile. After that you have to dial *121# to this code number from there. As soon as you dial this number, you will be given a new interface with several options.

Among these, you will see the option called My Offer in the number 5 option. When you enter this 5 number offer you will see there are 3 to 4 or more internet offers made for you.

You have to send the number of the offer that you like and you will be shown how much it will cost and whether you want to confirm it or not. If you have a certain amount of balance in your Grameenphone SIM then you can activate that offer instantly from there. Basically there is no easier way to know and activate Grameenphone internet offers.

Hope you can easily know Grameenphone internet offer check code. The best part of this method is that in this method you can activate any type of package by dialing directly from any type of handset. Here there is no hassle of buying internet using internet through apps and no hassle of dialing activation code.

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