Gp Internet Offer 2023

Talking about GP internet offers you have to talk about several types of practices. Basically, Grameenphone authorities have launched Daily Internet Pack for those who prefer to take small internet packages. Besides, the weekly internet pack is one of the most popular internet packages. There are several types of weekly internet packages or very attractive internet packages.

Also if you want you can take the monthly internet packs which will surely give you a safe internet experience for the entire month. Today we will tell you about all these internet packs in our article. To know about brand new internet packages in 2023, take a little trouble and find out with us what internet packages are currently available.

GP Daily Internet Offer 2023

It is a habit of many people to buy the internet little by little for daily work. And we all know that people are slaves of habits which means habits can never be changed. And if you can’t change this habit, some of the daily packages that GP has for you can be of very good quality.

You can directly buy 512 MB from GP and you have to spend only Rs 28 to buy this 512 MB. They have given the validity of this small package for 3 days.

Besides, successful GP Prepaid users can purchase 1GB for Rs.46. If you purchase this pack for 46 takas per GB, you will get the validity of this daily pack for 3 days.

If you want to buy 2.5 GB internet for 3 days from Grameenphone then you have to spend only 57 rupees to buy this package.

GP Internet Offer 7 Days 2023

Weekly internet offers are the most popular internet packages. The reason is that those who take these popular internet packages use these packages regularly. Many of them end up using the same package month after month until they change. Today we will discuss with you some of those important packages.

You can buy 1 GB of internet from Grameenphone Prepaid SIM for 77 Taka. The validity of these weekly internet packages will normally be 7 days.

Also, 7 days internet package includes a nice package of 5 GB internet. Where you are being given 4 GB internet with 1 GB bonus internet. The price of the complete package is Rs. 114.

There is also an eight GB internet package for those who want to buy a little more internet. If you want, you can easily buy this internet for only 148 taka which has a validity of 7 days.

You also get the opportunity to purchase the weekly big package of 12GB internet from GP Prepaid SIM. Full 2 GB Internet 4G will be provided here. You will get the opportunity to purchase this internet package by spending only 198 rupees.

GP Internet Offer 30 Days 2023

Among the internet offers launched by GP 2023 are several types of packages of 30 days. To buy 15 GB of the internet you have to spend only 498 rupees.

You can buy full 20 GB of the internet from GP. The specialty of the internet package is that the entire 20 GB internet is 4G internet. And the price is very low only 499 rupees.

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