GP Minute Offer List 30 Days 2023

If you want to see GP’s 30-day minutes offer list then we can help you to see it. Grameenphone is constantly updating its offer list with new offers for its customers. According to this offer list, you must know a little detail about which offers you will get for 30 days.

Usually those who buy the 30 day offers plan a whole month and buy this offer. So if you want to succeed in the plan then you need to know the details about this offer. If you rush to buy an offer without knowing the details about yourself, the offer may not be perfect for you. We will try to give you a list of which minutes packages you can purchase for 30 days according to the offer we have.

My GP App Minutes Offer 30 Days 2023

Through My GP Apps you can activate some offers valid for 30 days and we have made a detailed list of how many points you will get as bonus by activating these offers. According to this list we will talk about total five offers today and we will try to inform about the cost and duration of these five offers. Basically the five offers that I am going to talk about today have a validity of 30 days each. So I think there is no need to talk about the offer period separately.

First of all, we have to talk about this offer of 147 Taka recharge. If you directly recharge Tk 147 then you can enjoy this package of 185 minutes. Besides this, 110 GB points will be given as bonus points for those who activate this offer through My GP Apps.

For those of you who are going to buy a bigger package, there is a package of 310 minutes. If you purchase this package through My GP Apps, you will get 104 GP Points as bonus. Even if you directly recharge your GP SIM for Tk 199, you can purchase this package of 310 minutes.

Then there is a package of 335 minutes which you can purchase for just Rs.207. For this, you can directly recharge 207 taka on your GP sim. If that is not possible then you can activate this package through your My GP apps and enjoy 200GB points as bonus.

There is another big package where GP customers can purchase this package of 555 minutes by paying Tk 339 through direct recharge or through My GP Apps. 300 My GP Apps Points will be given to you as a bonus on activating the package through My GP Apps.

The last package we are talking about is a very big package. Here a package of 1170 minutes will be given to you for which you will have to spend Rs.704. For this you can directly recharge 704 taka on your GP sim. Alternatively, you can activate this package through your My GP apps. Activating this package on My GP Apps will give you 530 GP Points as My GP Apps bonus. That was the detail about this offer.

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