GP Minute Offer List 7 Days 2023

GP is constantly changing the range of offers. Among the most popular offers based on the type of offer, 7-day offers are the most popular. Today we will try to provide information about 7 days validity minutes offer. How can you activate the minute offers that are valid for 7 days and how much can be spent to activate these offers, keep an eye on our article to know the details.

We constantly strive to provide a large amount of new information with the goal of improving customer service. From the official website of GP we came to know about all the minutes offer of GP for 7 days period. Hope you will like the style of our article and you can collect information from here and use it yourself.

Grameenphone 7 Days Period Recharge Minutes Package Offer 2023

Recharge offers are my favorite offers. No hassle directly recharge the SIM and enjoy these great offers. So, without delay, check out the Jhotpar recharge offers from our list and enjoy any minute offer of 7 days.

Among the recharge offers, the first thing to say is this offer of 85 minutes for a direct recharge of 53 taka. If you directly recharge your Grameenphone SIM with Tk 53 then you can enjoy this offer of 85 minutes which is valid for 7 days.

You can enjoy a big package of 100 minutes directly from your GP SIM with a recharge of Tk 59. For a moderate minute spender I think this is a sufficient minute package that can be enjoyed through direct recharge.

Not over yet You can buy 125 minutes if you directly recharge Rs 78. Among the weekly minute packages, these are the most popular minute packages and these minute packages can be purchased directly through recharge.

If you directly recharge 99 rupees from your Grameenphone SIM, then you can get this package of 160 minutes. Why are you delaying, buy these Grameenphone 7-day minute packages immediately.

Grameenphone 7 Days Duration Minute Package Activation 2023

We have told you above how you can activate these minutes packages through direct recharge. Besides this we have activation codes for 7 days validity of minute packages. If you want to buy minute package by dialing the activation code directly by keeping a certain amount of money in your SIM without recharging directly, then see the current section carefully.

You can purchase 85 minutes with which you get a package of 50 SMS. By dialing *121*4004# activation quota you can enjoy this beautiful package for 7 days.

Grameen Phone has brought its customers an opportunity to purchase 130 minutes at just Rs 78. Now many may ask what is its activation code. You can directly purchase this package by dialing this code *121*4026#.

For Grameenphone customers directly using the activation code *111*300# you can purchase a package of 160 minutes for Rs.99. Each of these packages has a validity of 7 days and I think you can stay safe for at least 7 days after purchasing this package.

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