Gp Minutes Offer 30 Days 2023

We may have tried to provide different information about different types of minutes offered by your GP in different articles. But among those who only wanted to know about 30-day minutes offers, I will tell you to read this article with a little difficulty. The reason is that only in this article you can know about the 30 days minute offer from GP. Hope we can give you correct information.

Also, as always, we are trying to give you information according to all the information provided there by directly entering the official website of Grameenphone. There is no possibility of any mistake in doing this and if you want to avoid these mistakes then you can definitely visit Grameenphone official website by yourself. Let’s try to know about different types of minute offers of Grameenphone.

Grameenphone 30 Days Minutes Offer

Grameenphone is currently offering its customers a 30-day minute offer package and in this offer you are getting a bundle offer of 300 minutes with 250 MB. It can be said that Grameenphone is giving you this 250MB only for free. The best thing about this pack is that you don’t have to take any trouble to buy this package and directly you have to recharge 199 Tk. You will directly get 300 minutes and 250 MB on Grameenphone SIM which will be valid for 30 days only if you recharge 199 taka directly.

You can also enjoy a big package of 1200 minutes from Grameenphone. To purchase this big package of 1200 minutes, the first thing you need to do is to install My GP apps on your phone. By installing the My GP app you can enjoy this great package of 1200 minutes for just Rs 719.

Grameenphone brings to its customers the guarantee of Four Win talk. They have introduced very good quality 4G voice call service through Volti service. So you will get a package of 400 minutes from Grameenphone for just Rs.248. This package of 400 minutes at Tk 248 has been fixed for 30 days.

Also currently you can enjoy a big package of 750 minutes from Grameenphone. This big package of 750 minutes will cost you only Rs.498. If you can activate this package for Tk 498 then you will get 30 days validity for this beautiful package. You can activate this complete package directly from GP official website or through My GP Apps.

Also, for those who want to know about other minute packages with 30 days validity, Grameenphone has brought a monthly minute package of 350 minutes for only Tk 218. You can enjoy this 30-day minutes package directly through My GP Apps where you will get 164 minutes GP points on activation of the offer. A really great offer that only GP authorities can give you.

You can also enjoy a one minute package offer of 570 minutes for just Rs 349 from the My GP app. Two minute package offer is valid for 30 days and you can easily activate this minute package offer from My GP app and enjoy this beautiful package for 30 days. You can use these minutes for voice calls to any SIM of any operator.

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