GP Recharge Internet Offer 2023

Recharge offers are the most used among the internet offers that you can enjoy. The main goal of using recharge offers more is that you will get the opportunity to buy different types of packs without any hassle. If you want to buy these packages completely hassle free then you must recharge certain amount of money. However, the list given by us can be useful to know how much money to recharge for which offer. So let’s try to know how much money we can buy these packages by recharging directly.

Those who are already Grameenphone users are aware that only Grameenphone can offer the best internet packages in the country. On top of that if only recharge offer is given to you to buy those packages then it becomes more attractive offer for you. We have tried to divide these recharge offers into several categories and each category is generally divided depending on the duration of the offer. From our list you can know about several types of offers.

GP Recharge Internet Offer Daily Pack

You can directly purchase 250 MB with a recharge of Rs 13. If you buy 250 MB on Tk 13 recharge you will get 3 days validity.
To purchase 512 MB directly, you need to recharge Rs.28. That is, the recharge amount is 28 to sell 512 M for 3 days.
If you want to buy 1GB internet in daily pack then you have to directly recharge Rs.38.
For those of you who want to purchase 3GB internet in daily pack, the price of 3GB internet for 3 days is Rs.63 and you have to recharge directly for Rs.63.
Daily pack also includes the option to purchase 5 GB internet. To buy 5 GB internet one has to spend full 76 rupees through direct recharge.

GP Recharge Internet Offer Weekly Pack

All GP customers can buy 2.5 GB internet directly by recharging Tk 94 and this internet will be valid for 7 days.
Also, if you want, you can buy 5 GB internet for 7 days directly by recharging Tk 114, which has a validity of 7 days.
You have the opportunity to buy full 10 GB internet for 7 days and to buy this 10 GB internet for 7 days you have to recharge 148 taka directly.

If you want to buy 13 GB internet for 7 days then you need to recharge your GP SIM directly for 197 taka to buy this 13 GB internet.

GP Monthly Recharge Internet Offer

If you want to buy internet for a whole month, you can buy 30 GB internet for 30 days. To buy 30 GB internet for 30 days you need to recharge 389 Tk.
If you want to buy full 25GB internet for 30 people then you have to recharge Rs.499.
For those of you who need a little more internet, there is an opportunity to buy 50 GB internet for Tk 516. 516 through direct recharge.
To buy 40 GB internet you have to recharge 649 taka directly. It is one of the easiest ways to buy on the internet.
Also, for those who need to buy large amount of internet, there is a package to buy 80GB internet for full 30 days by recharging Rs.999.

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