GP Sim Internet Offer 2023 Code

You have a GP Prepaid SIM now you want to use that GP Prepaid SIM. Especially if you want to keep and use it only for internet. If you want to use a separate SIM for internet then you must know about the internet offer on that SIM. The best way would be to know about the internet mode of your SIM.

However, the offers that are given outside of this, which are common offers that are applicable to all, should be followed. Today we will discuss with you detailed information about this Internet offer of Grameenphone. What internet offers you can currently avail from your GP SIM will be discussed. We hope that those of you who regularly visit our website will stay with us throughout the article.

GP SIM Internet Package

You can buy 1.5 GB internet from your GP SIM for 3 days. Through the GB officer website, we have come to know that the price of this internet package is only 57 taka. You can buy 2.5GB internet from your GP SIM for just Rs.69. This 2.5GB internet will be valid for 3 days. 35 GP Points will be given if you activate the package through GP official website or My GP Apps.

You will get a chance to buy RGB Internet from your GP SIM for Rs.148. If you buy this full 8gb internet for 148 taka you will get girls for full 7 days and you will be given full 90 gp points as bonus here.
If you want you can buy 15 GB internet for 30 days. To purchase 15GB internet for 30 days you have to spend Rs 398.

GP SIM Popular Internet Pack

Popular internet packs include 5GB internet with 1GB as a bonus. You can buy it with 1 GB bonus internet for a period of 30 days and 299 taka for full 5 GB internet.

Popular packages of GP SIM include 20 GB internet with 10 GB bonus internet. All in all 30 GB internet for 30 days. If you purchase through the official website of My GP Apps, you will be given an additional 350 GP Points bonus. The complete package is priced at Tk 499 only.

GP SIM All Rounder Pack

All-rounder bag of GP SIM includes 8 GB internet with 250 minutes of off time. The complete package is priced at Tk 397 and the package is valid for 30 days.

You can purchase 2.5 GB internet with 1 GB bonus internet from GP SIM. There is a 150 minute off time package and the price of the complete package is only Tk 149. For this you will be given 7 days validity and 115 gp points as bonus in addition. The newest package in the Allrounder Pack is 12 GB Internet and 350 minutes. The complete package is priced at Tk 489 and 350 GP points will be given as bonus. You can purchase the package for 30 days for Rs 489.

Besides, there is 512 MB internet and 25 minutes package for 42 rupees. Delivered in 3 days and you can purchase this mini task through My GP Apps.

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