GP SMS Offer Code 2023

Talking about the mobile operator companies in Bangladesh, there is no mention except GP. The reason is that GP is the only mobile operator company in the country which has been running its business with the largest number of customers. In 2022 I will discuss which SMS packages GP has brought for its customers and try to know the code to activate these SMS packages.

In fact, with the use of social media that we use today through the internet, we may have forgotten to send SMS to our loved ones. But if we go back in time we will see how much we loved using SMS and how much this SMS has benefited us. But nowadays there are some special needs where SMS can definitely meet your needs and if that SMS is required then it will be cheapest if you buy an SMS package and use it.

GP SMS Package 2023

GP offers many types of SMS packages for its customers and each SMS package has a different activation mode. We will try to inform you about how you can activate any SMS from GP. I am informing you that first you can directly dial the USSD code and activate these SMS packages.

As the trend of using apps has increased nowadays, you can also activate this SMS pack through GP Apps. But for this, you must know basically how much SMS you can buy. Below we will give you an idea about the different types of SMS packages and after that, we will give you the codes to activate the SMS packages.

You can purchase a package of 50 SMS for a period of 30 days for just Rs.6 more from GP. Those of you who want to buy a small SMS package can buy a package of 50 SMS with a validity of 30 days by spending only 6 rupees.

If you want, you can buy 200 SMS from My GP app for 11 taka. Here it will cost you 11.09 rupees and by registering and logging into My GP Apps you can easily avail of these SMS Pacts from there. The validity of the package is 30 days.

Also, there is an activation code to buy 200 SMS at 5 taka, by dialing the code you can easily do this SMS pact of 200 SMS at 5 taka from any SIM of your GP. By dialing this activation code *111*10*6# you can easily buy 200 SMS packs for 5 taka. You can purchase this same package from My GP Apps or from Flexi plan.

Also, GP authority has brought a package of 100 SMS for 7 taka. *121*1014*1# Remember this activation code and by dialing this activation you can enjoy 100 SMS of GP SIM which has a validity of 7 days.

My GP Apps SMS package

You can purchase many SMS from the My GP app, the most used of which is a package of 50 SMS for Rs 6. Also, you can purchase a package of 200 SMS for just 11.09 rupees. In My GP Apps, you will also get 500 SMS priced at 19 taka 5 taka. You can also purchase a package of 1000 SMS from here which is priced at 35 taka 89 paise and each SMS package is valid for 30 days.

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