Grameen Internet Offer 2023

Grameen Internet offer refers to the internet offer of Grameenphone, the country’s best mobile operator company. They offer so many offers that we don’t like to buy internet without offers. We have become accustomed to offers and if we are not offered internet it seems that we may never use the internet again. There is no reason to worry because Grameenphone never fails to offer any customer.

The biggest advantage of buying internet through offers is that internet packs are available at much cheaper prices. So for those of you who want to buy internet packages through offers, we have brought a good list where you can know about different types of internet packages. For example, there will be given various information about daily pack of Grameen phone also various information will be given about weekly pack. If you purchase a full month internet package, you can activate the internet packages according to different types of information.

Grameen Daily Internet Pack 2023

Grameenphone’s daily internet pack includes some small internet packages which are your work internet packages. 1GB internet package priced at Tk 46 and valid for 3 days. You can activate this package by dialing *121*339# Activation Court or purchase online using link.

The Daily Pack includes 2 GB internet priced at Tk 57. Here also exactly the same procedure and same term is prescribed. *121*3242# can purchase the 3 day pack by dialing the activation code or directly online using the link.

Internet offer 7 days

Among Grameen’s Internet offers, there are some 7-day packages where you will get the opportunity to purchase 4GB Internet for just Rs. 114. If you want to purchase this 4GB internet for Rs 174 then the first method is to dial the activation code directly. You can activate this beautiful package by dialing the activation code *121*3344# or you can purchase it through online link.

The 7 days package includes the opportunity to buy full 8GB internet for just 148 Tk. To buy this 8 GB internet you have to dial *121*3262# activation code number or if you want you can activate the internet package online using the same link given above.

For those who need a bit more internet, there is a weekly pack of 12GB. To purchase this week’s package you need to spend Rs. 198 per week. *121*3133# You can activate these internet packages very nicely through your dial.

Internet offer 30 days

30 GB Internet for 30 days only Tk 998 Grameenphone special internet offer. Besides, there is full 4G internet i.e. 20 GB 4G internet for just 499 Tk. Its validity is 30 days. Also, for those of you who want to buy a smaller package, I think the cost will be more, for example, 15 GB Internet for only Tk 498.

Also if you buy 8GB internet package for 30 days it will cost you full Rs.399. There is also full 5GB internet for 30 days only at Tk 299. There are many other such packages in Grameenphone’s special offer.

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