Grameen Sim Internet Offer 2023

Different types of Grameen SIM internet offers are currently running in the market. There are certain internet offers that you can avail through direct recharge. Again there are some internet offers that you have to buy directly by dialing the activation code. We all might be aware that there are some common internet offers as well as some internet offers which are individually different. Today we will talk about all types of internet offers of Grameenphone.

Those of you who want to know about different types of Internet offers of Grameenphone, you can see the different parts here to know about the Internet offers of different parts. So let’s talk about different types of internet offers of Janaza Grameenphone and how to activate these internet offers.

Grameenphone 4G Internet Offer

Those of you who are covered by a 4G handset, as well as 4G SIM and 4G network, must buy a 4G internet package. The main reason to buy a 4G internet package is that when you buy 4G internet, you will definitely get much faster speed on this 4G internet. By doing this, you will not get into any kind of obstacles on the Internet.

Grameenphone’s 4G internet offer includes 6 GB internet for Tk 124. The 6 GB internet that is being offered here is all 4G so if you want to buy 6 GB internet for 124 taka with a validity of 7 days then you have to recharge 124 taka directly.

Also, Grameenphone authorities are giving full 20 GB internet for those who want to take a bigger internet package for the whole month. All of these full GB internets are 4G packs. To buy this 4G pack internet, you need to recharge Rs. 499 directly. You can purchase 20GB 4G pack internet for 30 days from Grameenphone.

Talking about Grameenphone’s 4G pack, this 4G pack of 60 GB internet cannot be left out. The biggest thing is that the 60GB 4G pack is the most beneficial for those who want to buy a full month of internet. You can buy the whole month of the internet at the same time very cheaply, besides you can buy 4g pack internet by paying money for 3G internet. This package is priced at Tk 999 and valid for 30 days.

Besides, there is a bigger package of 4G pack where the customers get the opportunity to buy the entire 100 GB Internet 4G pack for only 1499 taka. To activate this 30 days period of Rs.1499 you need to dial *121*3437# activation code number through which you can activate Sundar package.

If you need to buy a Mega 4G pack of Grameenphone then Grameenphone is offering Mega 4G pack of 200 GB internet. Generally, for those who need a lot of internets not only for themselves but also for their whole family, it costs a Grameenphone user Rs. 1999 to activate this mega pack of 200 GB internet. have to do To activate this pack you can directly send an SMS or you can dial *121*3438# activation code to activate this beautiful 4G pack.

Apart from Grameenphone 4G, there are many other packages that may take 20 to 30 articles to describe the packages. Therefore, we do not want to discuss everything at the same time, we want to discuss some things separately, which will be convenient for you to understand and you can collect information.

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