Grameenphone Bundle Offer 30 Days 2023

Among the bundle offers of Grameenphone, I would like to highlight the 30-day offers separately today. The main reason for highlighting the 30-day offers separately is that this 30-day bundle offer is the most used. The reason why I personally buy these 30 days bundle offers is that I can purchase internet and talktime for a whole month without spending just 10 minutes through this bundle offer.

I don’t have time to take unnecessary money or waste time. So buy the instant bundle offers and use Grameenphone’s vast network for the entire month. Today we will talk about some special bundle offers of Grameenphone which you can activate through My GP Apps and buy many bonus points as bonus points. So let’s try to know which packages you can buy through My GP Apps.

My GP Apps Grameenphone Bundle Pack 2022

If you want to buy 150 minutes of time with 2.5 GB internet through My GP Apps, then you are given 1 GB internet as a bonus. Not only here, with this bonus you are given another bonus where 115 GB points will be added to your My GP apps.

If you want to buy 350 minutes of off time with 12GB internet through My GP Apps then you can buy it for just Rs.449. If you purchase this package for Rs.449, you will get 350 GP points as bonus. Which will be valid for 30 days and you will get this bonus only if activated through myGP apps.

If you want to purchase this package with 50 minutes talk time with 50 minutes talk time through My GP app then you have to spend only 113 rupees. And as a bonus 900 GP points will be added to your MyGP app.

If you buy any big package like 25 GB internet and 800 minutes talk time package through My GP Apps then you will get 15 GB internet as bonus here. And you can buy a total of 40 GB internet and 800 minutes talk time for Rs 799. And the full package is valid for 30 days. The last bonus of this bonus is that you are given 600 GB points which will be added to My GP Apps.

GP Bundle Recharge Offer 30 Days 2022

The GP bundle recharge offer includes an opportunity to buy 5 GB internet and 300 minutes of talk time for a direct recharge of Tk 424. The bigger advantage is that you will get 30 days validity by buying this small package.

What will you get if you recharge your phone with 997 taka. You will not get much, only a big talk time package of 1200 minutes and a small package of 6 GB internet. Is it not enough for you? So here the period is given to you 30 days hope it is enough for you.

There is no end to Grameenphone’s offers, so you can buy 500 minutes of talk time and 12 GB internet offer from Grameenphone for Rs. 630. Enjoy the offer for full 30 days and enjoy internet usage.

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