Grameenphone Internet Offer 2023

Among the mobile operator companies, Grameenphone is at the forefront. The first reason to be ahead is that Grameenphone’s network is the largest network. They have spent huge amount of money to acquire this networking system. They are currently doing a lot of work to bring their Grameenphone 4G service to the remotest areas of Bangladesh. They tried to continue that success which they got very soon.

Grameenphone is many times ahead of other operators if we talk about network as well as number of subscribers. Every mobile user has one or two Grameen SIMs which is quite different from other operators. Grameenphone has the highest number of SIM users among mobile operators. Today I will talk to you about the internet offers of the big mobile operator company in 2023. If you want to buy this internet package directly online or activate the internet package by dialing the activation code, then you will get details about that in this article.

Grameenphone Weekly Internet Package 2023

People who take weekly internet packages are definitely more fond of taking this same type of internet package again and again. Usually those who want to save a little bit of internet every week buy a little bit of internet and use that little bit of internet to meet their needs. Grameenphone has brought several types of weekly internet packages for those customers, the information of which we will give you today.

Grameenphone 7 days internet package includes 3 GB internet. Grameenphone has fixed the price of this 3GB internet package at Tk 114 and to purchase it you can dial online or dial the activation code. By dialing the activation code *121*3344# you can easily activate this beautiful package of 2023.

Among Grameenphone’s 7-day internet packages, the most popular package is the 10 GB internet package. The surprising thing about this internet package is that you can buy this 10 GB for just 148 taka. For which you may need to use online. There are activation codes for those who don’t want to buy online. You can purchase the beautiful package by dialing the activation code *121*3262#.

Grameenphone Daily Internet Offer 2023

There is no end to Grameenphone’s daily internet offer and your day will go by wondering which one to leave and which one to take. You can purchase several types of internet in this daily internet package of Grameenphone. There are several types of internet that I will talk to you about now.

There is 512 MB internet only 32 rupees. You can purchase this internet package for 3 days validity directly by dialing *121*3256# activation code.

You can get 750 MB internet package with only 38 taka. To purchase this small internet package for 3 days you need to dial *121*3366# through dial code.

Grameenphone has 1 GB internet for 43 Tk and to buy this 1 GB internet you have to spend only 43 Tk. You can purchase this internet package from any Gramin SIM by dialing *121*3101#.

3 GB Internet for 3 days only at Tk 69. To purchase this small daily pack, you need to dial Grameenphone activation code. Grameenphone wants to make the year 2023 more memorable with thousands more such internet packages.

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