Grameenphone MB Offer 2023 For Grameen SIM

We all know about Grameenphone and we all know about their facilities. If we talk about the best mobile internet company in the country, the first thing that will come to mind is Grameenphone. Everyone can trust Grameenphone because Grameenphone is the best mobile operator company among all. And now let’s talk about the benefits of the Internet.

Think that the internet is in your hands and you are given the opportunity to spread your identity all over the world through this internet. The reason you definitely can is because the Internet gives you the opportunity to change your destiny. But those who cannot use this internet properly only get news headlines. That’s because if you use the internet in a different way or in a bad way, you are definitely making your luck worse.

Grameenphone is the closest friend to change your destiny using this internet. That’s because Grameenphone is trying to give you the best internet packages in the market. So that there is no obstacle in the proper use of the Internet. We are also aware that Grameenphone has the largest extensive network in Bangladesh, so Grameenphone is trying to reach every corner of the city from rural areas.

Grameenphone Internet Offer 2022

We will give you information about some internet offers of Grameenphone today directly according to the information of Grameenphone official website. You can activate these internet packets directly on the official website or through My GP Apps. So without waiting let’s directly get the information about these internet packages.

Grameenphone is giving only 14 GB internet, this 14 GB internet is given for 7 days. In this method you will get 2 GB internet per day but you can buy this 14 GB internet only once. 2 GB internet will automatically be added to your SIM as soon as your daily 24 hour period is over. You don’t have to spend much to buy this internet, you can buy this 14 GB internet for just 164 taka.

Grameenphone has come up with another nice internet package where a customer can purchase this internet package for 3 days. Here 2 GB per day will be given i.e. a total of 6 GB internet in three days, the price of which has been set at only 83 Tk.

Next we will move on to Grameenphone’s big internet packages. If you spend Tk 698 then you can enjoy full 60 GB internet package from Grameenphone. Here you are buying 40 GB directly and you are getting 20 GB internet as a bonus. This entire internet package is valid for 30 days. This package is a great package for those who love to be connected to the Internet all the time which will add bonus 500 GB points to your GP points as soon as you activate it.

Besides, we will now talk about some small packages of Grameenphone. You can buy 512 MB internet package for 32 taka which internet package is valid for 3 days. If you want you can buy 750 MB internet package and this 750 MB internet package is valid for three days and will cost 38 taka. Finally, 1 GB internet package and duration of 3 days will cost only 43 taka.

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