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Dear friends, welcome to our website. Today we will discuss with you about a very popular Bangla font in Bangladesh. And the name of this font is Sharif Shishir Bangla Font. Those of you who are not aware of this new Bangla font can find out through our website today.

At present we have a lot of English Unicode available but Bengali Unicode fonts for typing in Bengali are rarely available. Today we will introduce you to a very popular Bangla font in Bangladesh, Sharif Shishir Bangla Font. Sharif Shishir Bangla Font can be an ideal Bangla font for those who like to type in Bengali and do different types of logo design, poster design or writing various articles. But many do not know much about this. So you can learn about Sharif Shishir Bangla Font from our article.

Are you looking for Bangla font? Then we will tell you to use Sharif Shishir Bangla font. Because you can type in Bengali with ease by using this font in a beautiful style. If you read our today’s post carefully from beginning to end, you will get a complete idea about Sharif Shishir Bangla Font.

Besides, we will tell you in detail how to download Sharif Shishir Bangla font on your computer and how to use it. So we want you to read this post patiently and stay with us.

Sharif Shishir Bangla Font

Sharif Shishir Bangla Font is a very popular Bangla font in Bangladesh. The inventor of this Bengali font is Sharif Uddin Shishir. He invented it in 2018 and registered it in August 2019. Currently this font is provided in a single style. In a very short time, this font has become very popular in Bangladesh. This font is currently being used in many offices and courts. Even those who like to design use it.

How to download Sharif Shishir Bangla Font

Sharif Shishir Bangla font is now open to all. In addition, this font has been banned from being sold on any Facebook page or any online. Anyone who wants to use this font can easily download it from Google. That’s why we did not share any download link of this font on our page.

If you want to download it, go to Google from any browser and search by typing Sharif Shishir Bangla font. At the same time you will get many web addresses from where you can get the means to download this font. You can easily download this font from there.

Rules for installing Sharif Shishir Bangla font

If you have downloaded this font then you will get the download file in zip format. First you have to unzip this zip file. Once unzipped you will see a ttf file there. From there double click on the installed file and install the file through the simple process.

Rules for using Sharif Shishir Bangla Font

Once the installation process is complete, first launch Microsoft Office on your computer. Then click there to see the font bar at the top. Then you will find many types of fonts there, among them you select Sharif Shishir Bangla font. This time it will be useful to use. Now keep typing in Bengali as you wish.
Last words:
Through the above discussion we got to know some information about Sharif Shishir Bangla Font. I also discussed in detail how to download it, how to install it and how to use it on computer. Hope you enjoyed the post and found it helpful. Visit our website regularly to get such new information.

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