My Robi Internet Offer 2023

A familiar app may come to mind when we hear the word “May Ravi”. Yes I am talking about those apps which are used by all us Robi prepaid customer users. That is My Robi Apps. Today we will discuss how you can find out about the internet package using that mom’s office and what internet offers are currently available on mom’s robi apps.

Of course, to buy internet package from My Robi Apps, you must first install My Robi App on your mobile and complete the login registrar. After completing these tasks when you enter My Robi Apps you will get information about different types of internet packages. Today we will talk to you about all those types of internet packages and try to know what internet packages are currently available in 2023 through My Robi Apps.

My Robi Apps Internet Package

If you want to buy internet package through My Robi Apps then first of all you need to enter My Robi Apps by registering login through your Robi Prepaid SIM. After that, as soon as you enter the homepage, you will see several options below, where there is also an option called Internet Pack. If you directly enter the option called internet pack then you are getting detailed information about the internet package there as well.

Also, if you scroll down a bit, there is an information about popular offers. Today we want to discuss with you in detail about these popular offers. So you don’t wander from here, know from here what internet offer My Robi Absa has in 2023.

My Robi Apps Popular Pack 2023

12 GB Internet at Tk 369 for 30 days. Also 15 GB internet for 159 taka for 7 days. This is the Hochhai subscription pack which buys you the subscription absolutely free. This is one of the popular packages of My Robi.

There is a special offer in the popular package of My Robi Apps where you can purchase 1 GB internet per day and thus you will get 7 GB internet for 7 days. This internet package is priced at Tk 128 which you can purchase with just one tap through Mirbay apps.

There is also 6 GB internet for 30 days. Among the special monthly packs, this is a popular pack with 6GB internet for 30 days but you have to spend only 259 rupees.

Also the preferred comb pack includes 4 GB internet with 200 minutes talk time at Rs 249. Full package validity is given for full 30 days which you can activate through Mother’s OB Apps.

My Robi of Internet Pack 2023

You can buy full 20 GB internet for 7 days through My Robi Apps. Here you are given such great internet package with bonus.
There is also a combo pack of 8GB internet with 250 minutes of time which is valid for a full 30 days and which you can purchase through the Myrobi apps.
You can purchase a package of 600 minutes of talk time with 25 GB of internet for Tk 548 through Maeer Apps.
7 GB Internet If you want to buy this package for 3 days in today’s best offer then you have to spend only 68 rupees.

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