Robi 30 days internet offer 2023

I think the best internet package is 30 days. First of all, I can buy internet at a very affordable price in 30-day packages. Also, I don’t have the time to buy internet again and again so I buy the whole month’s internet very thoughtfully. If you know which packages you like more, please comment in the comment box.

By looking at the main heading of today’s article, you all probably know what we are going to talk about. Yes, we are going to give you various information about Robi’s 30 days internet offer. To those of you who buy different types of internet packages from Robi, I will tell you to follow the 30 days packages because these packages always bring you something good.


As you may know, we always follow the official website and official information. Today we will talk to you about the different types of Internet packages of Robi. We are going to discuss with you the new internet offer that Robi launched in 2023. So be patient with us and try to know Robir Monthly All Internet Packages.

Robi’s monthly internet package includes 60GB of internet at Tk 549. Monthly Internet means its validity is 30 days and you can directly activate this package through Robi’s official website. In this package, you will be given Robi’s 60 GB of regular internet and for this, you will have to spend 549 rupees.

Besides, you can buy full 13GB internet from Robi for just Rs.259. To buy full 13GB internet from Robi for Rs.259 you need to follow the official website of Robi and purchase this internet package for 30 days from there.

Besides, Robi has 25 GB of internet for 30 days. You have to spend only 349 rupees to buy this internet package of 25 GB internet for 30 days. Those of you who want to buy this 25 GB internet for 30 days for 349 takas, please follow the link to show us.

Robi Internet Pack

You can buy 50 GB of internet from Robi. You have to spend only 698 rupees to buy this 50 GB internet from Movie. But the most valuable thing in buying an internet package is the validity of the package. Here you are given full 30 days validity for this package.

For those of you who want to buy 45 GB internet from Robi, Robi is giving the full 45 GB internet for 30 days. You have to spend 598 rupees here to buy internet. Brother, those of you who want to buy 45 GB of internet should buy this internet package for 598 taka.

Besides, Robi has more beautiful monthly packages where 35 GB of internet can be purchased for 30 days. To buy 35 GB internet for 30 days you have to spend 549 rupees. You are getting a chance to activate this beautiful package through the Robi Officer website.


Besides, the most popular packages among Robi’s monthly packages are the bundle packages. For those of you who choose to buy a bundle package, you are making the right decision. You can follow our next article well to know about Robi monthly bundle package. Hope you are aware of Ruby’s Monthly Internet Package.

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