Robi Bundle Offer 2023

Now the offer that we will talk about is the bundle offer that is available on the Robi operator SIM only bundle offer. There are many advantages of using bundle offers so people who use bundle offers regularly look for new bundle offers. Bundle offer is also called comb offer. You have come to the right place to know about the latest Robi bundle offer or comb offer.

Today we will try to know about Robi SIM bundle offer and combo offer. Those of you who want to know about Robi SIM bundle offers and combo offers, quickly find out from the list given here which Robi SIM currently has bundle offers and combo offers. We will try to inform you about some of the bundle offers active through Robi’s official website. If you want, you can activate these offers through direct recharge.

Robi Bundle Offer Active 2023

You can purchase a bundle offer of 600 minutes talk time with 40GB internet pack from your Robi SIM. If you want to buy 600 minutes of talk time with 40 GB internet package, you have to spend 749 Tk. The validity of this complete package is 15 days. If you want to purchase the same package for 30 days then it will cost you Rs.799 here.

If you want to buy big package of 60 GB internet and 1200 minutes talk time from your Robi SIM then you have to spend only Rs 949 here. If you had bought the package separately, it would have cost 200 to 300 taka more. This package will be valid for 15 days.

If you want to buy bigger bundle package from Robi then you can buy this package of 15 days with 400 minutes talk time with 20 GB internet. Buying this same package for 15 days will cost you Rs.409. If you want to purchase the same package for 30 days then it will cost you Rs.599.

From Robi SIM you are getting the opportunity to purchase 35 GB internet with 700 minutes talk time package. Activating this big package will give you 15 days validity and you will have to spend Rs.459 to purchase this package.

Also for those who want to buy small packages from Robi there is 16 GB internet with 350 minutes in a small bundle package with a validity of 30 days. You have to spend 499 rupees to activate these small packages.

Besides, the smaller package includes 3GB internet with 150 minutes of off time and has a validity of 30 days. This is a perfect package for those who use little internet and little talk time throughout the month and you have to spend only 197 taka to activate this package. You can buy this 3 GB internet and 150 minutes talk time for 15 days and this The duration of the package is Rs. 156.

There is another small offer where you can buy 70 minutes talk time for 30 days with 2 GB internet for Rs 158. Also those who need a lot of talk time can buy 1000 minutes of talk time with 1 GB internet. This big package is valid for 30 days and priced at just Rs.609.

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