Robi Combo Offer 30 Days 2023

Comb offers are usually offered to customers for maximum usage. If customers are smart enough to buy the monthly bags while using this low offer, I think they can save a lot of money throughout the month. So for your convenience we will discuss today through this article only which combo offers you can buy for a whole month on Robi SIM.

Certainly Robi is one of the best mobile operator companies in Bangladesh. Robi has been running its business very well with a large number of customers. New offers are constantly being added to its list of offers. Today we will try to tell you which combo offer you can enjoy from Robi SIM. Not only will I talk about the combo offer but also try to inform you about the validity of these combo offers.

Robi Ghaichang Recharge Comb Offer 2023

If you want to get the most out of your Robi SIM then buy the combo offers. The advantage of comb offers is that you can buy all kinds of packages at the same time and you will get these packages at very cheap prices. Today we will give you an idea about several combo offers of Robi SIM. Each of these combo offers will be valid for 28 days and 30 days.

First of all we will tell you the combo pack that you will buy through direct recharge of only 149 taka. If you directly recharge your Robi SIM with Tk 159 then you can buy combo pack from there with 2GB internet with 75 minutes talk time and Tk 15 cashback offer. It is a great comp pack offer which you get 28 days validity of comb pack offer.

You can buy 3GB internet with 1GB 4.5GB internet from your Robi SIM. Also with it you can buy a package of 150 minutes of time and 200 taka cashback offer. The validity of this complete offer is 28 days and you can easily purchase this complete offer directly by recharging Tk 198.

From Robi you can also purchase a large Kavya pack directly on a 299 Tk Ghaichang recharge. All you have to do is buy 5 GB internet and get 250 minutes talk time and 30 taka cashback offer. Full package validity is 28 days.

Robi authorities have offered you some big packages and you can purchase those big packages if you want. This big package includes 350 minutes of talk time with 30 GB internet and a cashback offer of Tk 50. You can purchase this big package for just Rs 499 on direct recharge. For direct recharge of Tk 499 you need to recharge Ghaichang and you can enjoy this offer for 30 days.

You can directly purchase 150 minutes package with 5GB internet from Robi. To purchase this package, you have to spend only 208 rupees and the validity period is 15 days. You can also purchase 2GB internet with 30 minutes off time from Robi. The validity of this small package is 15 days and you can purchase this small package by spending Rs.154.

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