Robi Combo Offer 2023

If we have to talk about Robi combo offer then we have to say that Robi combo offer is the best offer. Personally I haven’t bought any separate offers for several months. I am buying full bus internet pack full month talktime pack and full month sms pack together in a combo offer. I can understand what’s going on with this.

Think I spend max 10 minutes buying this combo offer. This saves me a lot of time. If I went to buy three different offers it would cost me 30 minutes there and if I did it a few times a month it would add up. Then as the first benefit comb offers I can save a lot of time at the same time.

Another good thing is that I calculated a bit more precisely if I buy three types of low packages together or buy two types of combo packages, it turns out that these offers offer much cheaper. Suppose I buy a comb offer of Rs 500 but if I want to buy those offers separately then I will spend Rs 600 there. So I could save 100 rupees here.

Then maybe you have realized that apart from few benefits of comb offer there are thousands more benefits of comb offer. So if we have to talk about Robi SIM offer then we can’t talk about Kambay offer. Let’s try to find out which comb offers are currently available for Robi SIM through Robi’s official website.

Robi Internet And Talktime Combo Offer 2023

If you want to buy a bundle offer from Robi, then first of all, you should take a look at the internet and minute offers. Currently our tendency to use SMS has decreased so I am able to fulfill my needs with these two offers. Robi has released several such offers in the market, you can get information about these offers from here.

We have come to know through the official website of Robi that you can buy 50 GB internet pack with 1000 minutes talk time pack from Robi. To purchase this combo pack you have to spend only 949 rupees and at the same time you will get this pack validity of 15 days.

If you buy this package of 50 GB internet with 1000 minutes talk time for 30 days then you have to spend Rs. 998. Here the price of the package has increased due to the extension of the package period.

If you want to purchase a package of 600 minutes talk time with 40 GB internet then you will get the validity of this package for 30 days. You have to spend only Rs 799 to purchase this complete package.

All Robi customers can enjoy a monthly pack of 40 GB internet package with 700 minutes package. If you want to use internet and talk time safely for the whole month, then get this package of 40 GB with 700 minutes of talk time for just 899 rupees. If you want to buy the exact same package i.e. 40GB internet with 700 minutes talk time package for 15 days then you have to spend only Rs.559. Which reduces the price of the package due to reduced validity.

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