Robi Internet Offer Code 2023

Many of us know about Robi Internet offer but how many of us know about the offer code? Among the various types of offers, the offers that are usually activated by dialing the activation code, if you do not know the offer code, knowing anything else is of no use to you. We have a list of all the new offers that Robi authorities have launched in the market in 2023, which need to be activated by dialing the activation code.

To know the details of all the information according to the list, you should read this article of our website very well. Those who are Robi users must use internet regularly and you need to buy internet packages with some thought in using this internet. The types of internet packages are constantly changing and day by day Robi is announcing bigger internet packages for you. So why else would you take the same old internet package again and again. Find out about the latest updated internet packages in 2023 from us and get new internet packages.

Robi Internet Offer Code 2023 List

We have a detailed list of new internet offers announced by Robi in 2023. Along with this list we want to give you the offer code of this list i.e. you can buy these offers by any dial. Stay with us, hope you get detailed information.

You can buy 1 GB internet from your Robi SIM for Rs.41.*123*41# This is the code for this offer active and through which you can buy this nice and short offer for 3 days.
If you want to buy this same internet from Robi i.e. 1 GB internet for 4 days then you have to spend only 48 taka. By dialing activation code *123*48# you can activate Sundar package in Robi.

For those of you who want to purchase larger packages from Robi, there are some 28-day packages and some 30-day packages. Besides, if you want to buy full 6 GB internet for 7 days, then it is possible for only 148 taka. You will get the opportunity to buy this beautiful package by dialing *123*148# activation code.
Besides, if you want to buy 4.5G internet from Robi SIM, you have to spend 129 taka. You can activate this complete bankage by dialing *123*0129# activation code.

1 GB imo pack among Robi’s exceptional internet packages. This emo pack will be valid for 28 days and you can purchase it for just 53 rupees. Don’t forget to redeem the offer by dialing this activation code *123*053#.

You can buy full 10GB internet from Robi for just 199 taka. This full ten GB internet will give you 7 days and to purchase it you need to dial the activation code. *123*0199# You can purchase this offer by dialing the activation code.
If you are a Robi customer then why you will get full 10 GB internet from Robi SIM for 501 rupees. Never forget to dial the activation code *123*501# to activate the internet package.

Also the full 30 days internet package includes combo pack like 20GB internet with 500 minutes talk time and 200 SMS. To activate this package of Rs 999, you can activate it by dialing the activation code *123*999#.

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