Robi Internet Offer 1 GB 15 Taka 2023

You may always visit our website to know about Robi Internet offers. First of all thank you very much for this. Similarly, we are constantly writing about new internet offers based on your comments. To celebrate a new year, Robi has come up with very nice internet package offers for its customers. If you don’t want to miss those offers then definitely stay with us.

Among Robi’s internet offers to be released in 2023, the most popular offer is 1 GB internet for just 15 taka. The reason for its popularity is that this small internet package is offered at a very low price and is used as a mini package. Although we currently buy big internet packages, the fun of using these small internet packages is a little different. So we try to grab these internet packages as soon as we get them. To know how you can purchase these internet packages and the complete rules for activating this internet package, please read this article on our website.

Robi 1 GB Internet 15 Tk Offer Details

In this offer you can buy full 1 GB internet. Here only 1 GB internet will be provided with nothing else.
This offer is made for certain customers of Robi so you should check first if this offer is available for you. You can be sure if this offer is for you only if you check.
You will spend only 15 taka to buy this offer i.e. you can buy 1 GB internet for 15 taka.
This 1GB internet package is offered for full 12 hours. Your internet package will be valid for full 12 hours from the time you activate this package and receive the confirmation SMS.
To purchase 1 GB internet package you need to dial activation which we will tell you in detail below.
A Robi customer can purchase this offer maximum once and this offer is Rs.15 inclusive of VAT and other charges.

Robi 1 GB Internet 15 Taka Offer Activation Code

There are some who know about the internet but don’t know how to activate it. Basically, the rules for taking all internet packages are not the same because Robi authorities make different rules for taking different types of packages. Suppose you want to purchase an internet package but you need to recharge it directly. It will never work if you try a thousand other ways.

The internet package we are talking about today requires you to directly dial the activation code otherwise you cannot activate it in any way. You can activate this package by dialing the activation code *123*0015#. I repeat this internet package is given only to Robi’s special few customers so here you have to wait till you get this offer sms.

When you activate this package you get validity for 12 hours but you must know this validity or how to check the balance of this package by dialing. *123*3*5# This is the code to check this package balance. So if you want to activate the package from Robi then don’t forget to dial the activation code and don’t forget to check by dialing the code given above.

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