Robi Internet Offer Monthly 2023

Those who want to buy monthly internet package from Robi must choose one of several internet packages. That’s because this internet package includes your full month plan. Before buying a package, you should think about how you will use the internet for the whole month and how much internet you will be able to buy for that amount. And a list will help you think about them.

If you take a look at the list of new Internet packages that Robi has launched for its customers in 2023, planning your entire month’s Internet purchases will definitely be easier. And we are always by your side in that work. You can get to know about Robi’s internet offer list nicely from our article which is latest uploaded by Robi on their official website. So let’s know the detailed information about it.

Robi Monthly Internet Package 2023

If you want to buy a small internet package for a whole month from your Robi SIM then Robi is giving you that opportunity. You can buy 1.5 GB internet for only 209 taka. If you buy an internet package for 30 days, you have to spend a lot of money, so if you buy a small package here, you have to pay a little more.

You can purchase a bundle of 500 minutes talk time and 100 SMS with full 5GB internet from your Robi SIM. Robi authorities have created a bundle package for this bad internet and 500 minutes of talk time and 100 SMS. Which basically gives you the opportunity to buy everything together and you have to spend only 599 rupees if you buy this package.

Also there is an option to buy only 7 GB internet package in Robi. If you buy 7 GB internet package then out of this 7 GB you will get full 2 GB internet at 4G speed. This complete package will be valid for full 28 days and you can purchase this package by spending Rs.399.

If you want to buy 10 GB internet from your Robi SIM then it will cost you only 399 taka. 10 GB internet for full 30 days for 399 taka is actually very cheap thing. So those who would like to take this package should buy the package immediately without delay.

There is another package of 10 GB internet from Robi which is slightly different in package type. For example, out of 10 GB Internet, 3 GB Internet will be given to you with 4G Internet. This 4G internet will have high speed and you will have to spend extra money for it. Full 10 GB internet but you have to spend 501 rupees here.

Those who want to use 15 GB internet throughout the month must have a plan to use the internet for the entire month. 15 GB internet for 30 days is not much internet. So must use internet as per plan and you have to spend 649 rupees to buy this package.

With Robi’s 20GB internet pack, you get a bundle package of 500 minutes talk time and 200 SMS for a full 30 days. For those who need moderate amount of internet and talk time, one month package will be enough to buy once. The price of this package is Rs. 999.

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