Robi Internet Offer 2023

By 2023, Robi has widened its range of offerings. Initially they announced several special internet packages to welcome its customers afresh in the new year. Attention of all Robi users and inform that if you want to know about new internet package 2023 then stay with us. We have a good idea of which internet packages Robi is always bringing and which ones it is canceling.

We always follow Robi’s official website through which we are informed about all the details of Prabhi. If you want to be assured of 100% correct information then our article will give you that assurance. But for this you must stay with us throughout the entire article. Today we will talk to you about several types of Internet offers of Robi.

Robi Internet Offer 7 Days 2023

If you want to buy any 7 days internet offer from Robi then our list will help you a lot in that task. We have all the information of the Internet packages that Robi currently has for 7 days. You can easily buy these internet packages for yourself through online payment.

You can buy 16GB internet from Robi SIM for just Rs.178. They are giving this 16 GB internet period of Robi SIM for 7 days which can be a very good package for you.

Robi SIM 7 days internet package has another nice offer where you can buy 10 GB internet for just Rs 164. It could be the perfect internet package for you.

Among the Robi Internet offers, for those who want to purchase a little less Internet, 5 GB Internet with a validity of 7 days, this package is a good Internet package offer. Of course for this you have to follow the rules of our website and purchase this package for 131 rupees.

Robi Internet Offer 30 Days 2023

Robi Internet Offer On the occasion of 30 days Robi has made a big list of its internet packages with several internet offers. You have come to the right place to know about these internet packages in 2023.

You can purchase 8 GB internet package directly from your Robi SIM through a recharge of Tk 239. Robi authorities are giving 28 days validity of this RGB internet package and you can purchase this package directly through recharge.

Besides, Robi authorities are giving a better internet offer where you can buy full 10 GB internet for only 501 rupees. This entire 10 GB internet is given for 30 days. *123*501# This is the package activation code by dialing which you can purchase the complete package for 501 rupees.

Robi always understands the mind of its customers that’s why they are offering full 15 GB internet for 30 days only at Tk 449. But for this you have to directly access My Robi app or you have to purchase this package through Robi’s official apps.

Robi has a nice package of 28 days where you need to recharge Rs 649 directly. With this 649 taka you can buy 25 GB internet and the period of this 25 GB internet will be given for 28 days. Which will give you the facility to use the internet safely for a whole month.

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