Robi MB Offer 2023 Code For Robi SIM

For those of you who want to purchase internet offers from Robi, today we are writing an article about the hottest internet packages of 2022. We will give you basic information about these packages. If the information is wrong, we will tell you the activation codes so that you can activate it yourself. We have seen many cases where activation code is not provided.

If the activation code is not given, even after knowing everything about the internet package, the customer cannot activate it in any way. We will try to inform you about this beautiful MB offer today through Robi Officer website. You will not only know about the internet package but also many more information today we will give you. Those who use Robi SIM and don’t use Robi’s internet, I will tell them to check the internet packages at least once.

Robi MB Offer Code 7 Days 2023

Today we are giving you various information about the 7 days internet offers that are included in Robi’s internet offers. So let’s try to know about the activation code of all 7 days packages in Robi’s internet offer.

First let’s talk about Robi’s Comb MB Internet offer. Where you can buy a package of 50 minutes talk time and a package of 100 SMS with 1 GB internet. It will cost you just Rs.98 to purchase the complete package. You can enjoy this beautiful package of 7 days by dialing *123*098# activation.

If you are from Sunday to 1. If you want to buy 1 GB internet package then it will cost you 101 rupees. To purchase this 7 days internet package you need to dial the activation code and that is *123*101# this activation code.

If you want to purchase 7 days 4gb internet package from your Robi SIM then it will cost you Rs.108. You can activate this internet package from Robi by dialing *121*0108# activation code.

The 7 days internet package of the film includes an offer of 10 GB internet package. In this you can buy 10 GB internet for only 199 taka. You can purchase this 10GB internet package by dialing the activation code *121*0199#.

Robi MB Offer 30 Days Activation Code

Among Robi’s 30-day internet offers, the biggest is a pack of 45 GB internet package. To activate this 45 GB internet package, you have to directly recharge Tk 998.

The 30 days internet package from Robi includes another combo pack where you get 500 minutes talk time and 200 SMS along with 20GB internet. You can purchase it for just Rs.999. You can activate this beautiful package for 30 days by dialing *123*999# activation code.

Bobby is offering some nice packages for 28 days where you can buy 15GB internet for just Rs.649. To purchase this 15 GB internet you need to dial *123*649# activation code number through which you can activate this beautiful internet package for 28 days.

From Robi you can purchase 4 GB internet for just Rs 316 and the validity of this 4 GB internet is fixed for 28 days. You can activate this beautiful package by dialing the activation code *121*316#.

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