Robi MB Recharge Offer 2023

If you are buying internet package on your Robi SIM then first of all look for which internet package can be purchased through recharge. Now we will talk to you about Robi’s recharge offers and how much these recharge offers will benefit you. Today we will talk about Robi’s recharge MB offer and try to talk more about the bundle pack offers.

Generally speaking about recharge offers, bundle offers cannot be left out. In the bundle offers, many big packages are given to you absolutely free, so if you miss these offers here, it can be a big wrong decision for you. So we have come up with beautiful information about each offer for you. Hope you are with us.

Robi Internet Recharge Offer 2023

If you want to purchase recharge internet from your Robi SIM, then you can enjoy a big package of 50 GB internet on Robi SIM by directly recharging 688 Tk. This package is complete only when we all know about the duration of this package. Robi authorities have fixed the validity of this package for 30 days. Hope you can activate this beautiful package through direct recharge.

Robi Bundle Recharge Offer 2023

We have come to know from the official website of Robi that you can purchase this bundle of 22GB internet package with 600 minutes internet package from Robi SIM for just Rs.459. Make a little calculation and see which package you are buying for 659 rupees and which package is being given to you absolutely free. This is the advantage of bundle packages and you will get 15 days validity of this package.

Robi SIM has another bundle package offering 400 minutes with 20GB internet. The validity of this complete internet package is given for 30 days but to activate this internet package you need to recharge 599 taka. From Robi you can buy another nice internet package where 12 GB internet package with 300 minutes package will be given. If you want to buy 300 minutes package with this 12 GB internet package, you will have to spend directly 499 Tk. You are getting this internet package for 30 days.

Robi Internet Recharge Offer 3 Days

Besides, if you directly recharge your Robi SIM with Tk 32 then you can purchase 1 GB internet package for 3 days. Apart from this, all Robi customers are getting 1GB 4.5G internet with 1GB internet through direct recharge of Tk 38. That means you can buy this package of 2 gb internet package directly by recharging 38 taka.

If you want to buy 3 GB internet package directly on your Robi SIM for three days, recharge it immediately for Tk 57. So if you like this package then recharge immediately without delay. Also, if you want to purchase a bigger package, there is a 6GB internet package for three days. This internet package includes 3GB regular pack and 3GB 4.5G internet pack. For this you have to spend Rs 76 recharge directly.

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