Robi New Internet Offer 2023

Robi is always ahead to offer new internet offers in the new year. But how much do you know about this internet offer as a customer? Today we will have a comprehensive discussion on Robi new internet offers in this list. Please follow our complete article to get all kinds of small and big Robi internet packages. Here we will discuss all types of packages.

If you are a Robi customer then you must agree with me that the internet packages are very well made by Robi. There are many internet packages available here as per mind so customers take more of Robi’s internet packages. Since 2023 is a brand new year for us, they must have reviewed how to keep all Robi’s customers more happy around this new year. Let’s know what internet offers they have for this new year.

Robi New Best Internet Offer

Among the new Internet offers of the film, a package of 3 GB Internet is only 108 taka. If you want to take any weekly package from Robi then 3GB internet package for 108 taka can be a perfect internet package for you.

Robi’s weekly package also includes 10 GB internet for 7 days. 10 GB Internet usually costs a lot of money, but if you buy from Robi, then Robi has given you the opportunity to buy this internet by spending only 199 Tk. So I hope you can be well informed about Robi’s internet offer from here.

Robi has full 10 GB internet for 28 days. Those of you who want to purchase this 10 GB internet for 28 days from Robi SIM will have to spend only 501 rupees. Since it is 28 days, Robi has announced it as a monthly package here. If you go to buy less than 10 GB internet then there is a package of 7 GB internet for 399 taka. At Rs 399, this 7GB internet is offered for a full 28 days which is a bit cheaper than the previous offer.

Besides, there is an internet package of 15 GB for 28 days. Robi has fixed the price of 28 days 15 GB internet package for girls at Tk 649. If you are Robi customer then you can activate this package from your Robi Prepaid SIM.

Robi New Social Pack Internet Pack

Social pack includes 1 GB internet for Facebook and WhatsApp. This 1 GB internet package is only available for Facebook and WhatsApp and is priced at just Rs 49 and valid for 30 days. There is also a 1GB PUBG internet package. For those who like to play PUBG games a lot, Robi has brought a separate 1 GB internet package suitable for playing PUBG and the validity of this package is 30 days. You will be surprised that the package can be purchased for just 33 rupees.

1 GB imo pack is available separately at 53 taka. Robi has announced a 28-day imo for Rs 53 for those who use imo heavily and communicate with their loved ones on audio and video calls through imo calls.
Also, if you are using Robi TV then Robi TV has announced a package of 2GB internet for apps which is priced at Rs 65. Duration is given for 3 full days.

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