Robi Postpaid Internet Offer 2023

Generally every mobile operator company has two types of SIM. These two SIM types carry completely different offers. So of course you need to know about the different types of offers to know about each SIM. Today we will discuss something about Robi Postpaid SIM and we will try to know what are the current offers on Robi Postpaid SIM. Those of you who are using Robi Postpaid SIM must know about this so that they get a chance to use their Postpaid SIM well.

Generally in earlier days Postpaid SIMs were used only for business purposes but nowadays some Postpaid SIMs are used by many people for regular use. Of course they need some regular offers like internet offers. And of course the Robi authorities are very well aware of this. So let’s try to know about the very nice guide about which internet offers you can avail from your Robi SIM.

Robi Postpaid SIM Internet Offer

To talk about Robi postpaid SIM internet offer, the first thing to say is the bundle offer. When we visited Robi’s official website, we saw the importance of bundle offer and in the bundle offer they have bundled internet packet with voice pack. I find it more interesting because you can kill two birds with one stone here. You can buy internet pack and buy voice pack for whole month at the same time. The details about the package we present to you through a list below.

You will get a chance to purchase 1400 minutes of talk time with full 75GB internet from your Robi Postpaid SIM. As this is a postpaid SIM offer, here you will be offered this package at a very low price and the package costs only Rs.1498. You can buy this internet package from Robi Postpaid SIM for 30 days.

There are more bundle offers among which a popular bundle offer is full 20GB internet with 400 minutes talk time. This bundle package of BGB internet and 400 minutes can be availed on Robi postpaid SIM for 30 days. You have to spend only Rs. 599 to get this big package from very postpaid.

You can avail another offer here which offer period is 15 days. This bundle offer of 18 GB internet and minute package can be a good offer for many people who want to buy internet package and minute package together for less than 15 days. The biggest thing is that Robi’s postpaid customers can purchase this band offer for just Rs 409.

If you have a postpaid SIM then you can use this postpaid SIM properly. Here all customers will get the opportunity to purchase 12 GB internet with full 300 minutes talk time for 30 days only. For which he has to spend only Rs.499.

On the official website we have found another package of 15 days where a bundle package of 550 minutes with 10 GB internet usable on OTT platform has been created. Generally, these internet packages suitable for use on OTT platforms are very low in price with additional 550 minutes of talk time for 15 days and priced at Tk 346.

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