Robi Sim Internet Offer 2023

Robi comes with several types of internet offers for SIM users. We all know that Robi Base is leading among some of the best mobile operator companies in the country. The number of internet users is increasing day by day. Which we understand very well by seeing their daily new offers. Generally, everyone has to manage the business by meeting the needs of every type of customer.

Mobile operator companies are no exception and they always try to give customers what they want. Some new internet packages of 2023 have been uploaded on their official website. Today we will discuss with you about the various internet information on the Robi Officer website. Hope you stay with us throughout the entire article and try to know what are the current offers of Robi.

Robi Best Bundle Package Offer 2023

If you want to buy a bundle pack from Robi then you must buy a bundle package with some thought. The main purpose of buying these bundle packages carefully is that when you buy a bundle package, don’t buy a cheap bundle package. Buying a full month or full 15-day bundle package is more so there is definitely something to think about.

We have come to know through Robi’s official website that if you want to purchase a bundle package of 50 GB internet and 1000 minutes on your Robi SIM, then you will be given this bundle package for just 949 rupees. However, the validity of this bundle package will be 15 days.

If you want to get the exact same bundle package for 30 days girls then you have to spend some extra money here. Here 50 GB internet and 1000 minutes bundle package Charmia 30 days but you have to spend 998 Tk.

You can purchase 40 GB of internet and 700 minutes from your Robi SIM as a bundle package. This complete package will be valid for 30 days and you are getting a chance to purchase this package by spending only 899 rupees from your Robi SIM Alhamdulillah. Then you are getting the opportunity to purchase this bundle package from here.

Besides, if you want to purchase the same package for a period of 15 days, then Robi is giving you the opportunity to buy this package for just Rs 769.

Also Robi’s bundle internet package includes 600 minutes bundle with full 40 GB internet. The 40 GB internet and 600 minutes bundle will have a validity of 30 days and you can purchase this bundle by spending only 799 rupees.

Besides, Robi’s bundle offer includes a bundle package of 600 minutes with 22 GB internet in some small packages of 15 days. Full package validity is 15 days and anyone can buy this bundle package for just Rs.459.

Apart from this, if someone wants to buy the same package of GB Internet and 600 minutes talk time for 30 days then he will have to spend Rs. 719.

Besides, those who need 10 GB social internet packet with 550 minutes talk time are getting the opportunity to purchase this complete package for only 350 taka. This is so cheap that only Robi E can give you something like this so come back to Robi quickly and enjoy these offers.

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