Skitto MB Offer 2023

For those of you who are using Skitto SIM of Grameenphone, today we will talk about some special MB offers of Skitto SIM. Those who use Skitto SIM must be aware that Skitto SIM is a separate SIM for Grameenphone Internet. Usually some other company has tied up with Grameenphone and marketed this Skitto SIM. But here, of course, according to the conditions, a certain amount of SIM is currently being marketed in Bangladesh.

Now we will try to tell you about the offers that are currently available on that Skitto SIM. So those of you who want to know about the different types of Megabyte offers of Skitto SIM, please be patient with us. We will teach you several ways to find out about the different types of Internet offers during Skitto.

Skitto SIM Internet offer Apps

Those of you who have an Android smart phone and have a 4G Connect Skitto SIM can easily install the Skitto app on your phone. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to go to the Google Play Store and install the Skitto app on your phone after downloading it. After that you have to complete the login registration there with your Skitto SIM number.

When you enter that Skitto SIM, you will see a menu full of offers. There are so many offers out there that you won’t know which boy to take. The biggest thing about Skitto SIM is that you are getting these offers of Skitto SIM at cheapest rates. Even now days only Skitto SIM can give you 1 GB internet under 10 rupees.

Skitto SIM Cashback Internet Offer 2023

Now we will tell you about the internet offers currently available on Skitto SIM. We have been able to collect this information by directly accessing the Skitto Apps and directly to the official website of Skitto. So we hope you can collect the information you need from us.

You can buy 50GB internet from your Skitto SIM for Rs.449. The biggest thing is that they are already giving you internet at such a cheap price, besides you are getting 34 rupees cashback for buying this internet. If you buy this internet directly through Skitto app then you are getting 34 taka cashback offer and full internet package is valid for 30 days which is really unreal in today’s era.

You can purchase 20GB internet from your Skitto SIM for just Rs.177. This cost will be further reduced if you buy this internet through Skitto Apps then you will get 18 rupees cashback instantly there. You can use this BGB full internet for 7 days.

You can buy an internet package for 3 days from your Skitto SIM costing you only 97 rupees and you get full 11 GB of internet. Not only this but you also get Rs 10 cashback offer if you purchase this internet package through Skitto Apps.

Skitto SIM Bonus Internet Offer 2023

You can buy one month 50 GB internet from Skitto SIM by spending Tk 688. Skitto authorities are giving you internet at a very cheap price and they have given the validity of this internet for 30 days. Another surprise is that if you purchase this internet through Skitto Apps then you will get 30GB more internet bonus there. That means you can buy 80 GB internet for 30 days by spending 688 Taka.

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