Skitto Sim Internet Offer 2023

We all know that Grameenphone authority has added a new addition to its service. Skito SIM is launched by them in the market and the special feature of this Skito SIM is that you can use internet at a very affordable price. But Skito SIM has fixed quota ie only nominal SIM is sold in entire Bangladesh. Those who were able to purchase these SIMs at the beginning are very lucky because these SIMs offer the cheapest internet packages available today.

Today we will try to share some information with you about those internet packages. If you are using Skito Apps then it will be easiest for you to know about internet package from there. But if you want to know about internet packages apart from apps then we have enough information here. Hope this information will be useful for you and you will get to know about different types of Skito internet packages from here.

Skito 7 Days Internet Package 2023

If you want to buy 7 days internet package from your Skito SIM then definitely Skito will give you nice package. Now we will tell you which internet packages are included in this 7-day internet package. Of course you should seriously improve the list or list given by us.

If you want to buy a small internet package from Skito SIM then there is 500 MB internet for Tk 44. Its special feature is that if you buy this 500 MB internet for 44 taka, you will get a validity of 7 days.

You are getting a chance to buy full 1.5 GB internet from your Skito SIM and if you buy this internet you will get validity of 7 days. Buying this internet package through Skito Apps will cost you only Rs.89.

Now the internet package that I will talk about is 3 GB internet at 104 taka. As above this internet package also has full 7 days duration so these are good quality internet packages for those of you who want to buy 7 days internet package.

Skito Internet Package 30 Days 2023

Now I will talk about the internet packages which have 30 days internet packages. Among the promo deals that are available in this sim, the best quality internet packages are always offered in the promo deals, the 30 days internet packages are the best. Today we will try to inform you about that.

If you want to buy a small internet package for 30 days, let’s say buy 1 GB internet then you have to spend 50 rupees. Basically it may be bought for a particular reason that only you know best. Besides this, there is a package of Rs. 100 for those who want to buy 3 GB internet for 30 days. You can use the entire 3 GB internet for a month with 100 taka.

As you can buy 5 GB internet for a whole month and the price of this 5 GB internet will be Rs 150 only. And the period will be given for 30 days. From Skito SIM you can purchase full 8GB internet for 30 days for just 199 taka.

Skito SIM Big package includes 17GB internet for 30 days at just Rs.289. There is also full 25 GB internet for 30 days only at Tk 399. If anyone really offers cheap internet in the market then Skito tops and surpasses everyone in that list.

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