Teletalk Agami Internet Offer 2023

Teletalk SIM users must be aware that Teletalk has several types of SIM packages. We all know about these packages. Next SIM is a very good quality SIM for teletalk because they are made for those students who will establish themselves as leaders of the country in the future. So Teletalk has mainly designed this SIM for them and is offering various packages for them at a very low price.

Children and youth are the future of the country. Teletalk has taken steps to ensure that the internet does not become a hindrance to the learning of these students. Today I will discuss in detail what offers you can enjoy as a student if you buy the next Teletalk SIM. The reason why you will not find any other package of other operators with these packages is that it is completely different and this package is announced for students only. To buy this SIM you have to register online and only students with GPA 5 are being distributed this SIM at present.

Teletalk SIM internet offer

When talking about Teletalk’s next SIM internet, first of all you have to talk about 1 GB internet for 7 days. As a student, the internet is your greatest companion for acquiring various knowledge-based information. If you use the internet properly, you can collect the information correctly. To buy 1 GB internet for 22 taka, you have to dial *111*600# on this code number from where you can enjoy this offer in the future.

If you are a student with GPA 5 then Teletalk next SIM is available for you and if you have that SIM then Teletalk is giving you the opportunity to buy 1 GB internet for 30 days for just 45 rupees. By dialing this code *111*601# you can easily purchase this beautiful package from your Teletalk next SIM.

Teletalk is coming with two GB internet for 30 days. To purchase 2GB internet for 30 days, the only thing you need to do is to dial the activation code *111*602# through which you can buy this package for only 81 taka.

Besides, you can buy full 4 GB internet by writing Bangla for 55 taka only for 7 days. So much internet for so little money can’t be found anywhere else that only offers teletalk for students. Dial *111*603# activation code and buy 4 GB internet for 55 taka.

If you need a bit more internet then there is 5 GB internet for 15 days. To buy such a big package you need to spend only 91 rupees and for this you need to dial the activation code *111*605#. Only this package can be activated from Teletalk next SIM.

There is information about a big internet package in the future. This package will be valid for full 30 days. There is 10 GB of regular internet here. Activation code is *111*610#. You can purchase this complete package for just Rs.177. Also you can purchase each of these packages directly online from your Teletalk next SIM. If activation through online is a complicated process, then you directly use each activation code to purchase internet packages from the next SIM.

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