Teletalk Bondho Sim Internet Offer 2023

Teletalk Bandha Sim Internet Offer includes several internet offers. We all know that there are several types of SIM packages in Teleot. Each package has different features. Today we will try to know what kind of offers you can get on Teletalk closed SIM. There are several types of SIM locked offers on you, hope you know about each offer.

In addition to the regular SIM in Telet, if any of the SIM in the package is closed, then you can enjoy all the great internet offers if you activate that package on time. Generally, if you have more than one SIM, it is not possible to use all the SIMs at the same time. So then a SIM is blocked and to know about the different internet offers of this blocked SIM you must read our article today on Teletalk.

Teletalk Ban SIM Offer Check 2023

Now the point is that you have a teletalk closed sim but you don’t know whether it is actually covered under closed sim. There is a format to know which format you need to follow and by sending SMS you will know if you have Teletalk closed SIM offer. For this, first of all you have to enter your locked SIM in your handset and send an SMS from there in the format we have told you below.

You have to send SMS to this number 112 from Bandha Taka SIM. You can send this SMS from any type of Teletalk SIM and for this enter the SMS box and first of all pick the number of the SIM you want to check the SIM offer that is closed. And send the completed SMS to this number 112 for free. As an example we have shown part of an SMS below.
Example: 015######### and send full SMS to this number 112.

Teletalk SIM closed SIM internet offer

If you want to get 2 GB internet free on Teletalk SIM then you must do one thing. Bandh SIM has 10 taka or more recharge complete 2 GB internet absolutely free. Currently since 10 rupees recharge is not possible then you have to recharge minimum 20 rupees and then you have to dial *111*2020# on this activation number.

As soon as you dial this number, you will receive an SMS on your mobile that you will know that you have been given 2 GB internet absolutely free. You will get the opportunity to use this 2GB internet for 7 days. So those who want to get 2GB free closed SIM internet package from Teletalk SIM can recharge 20 taka quickly and dial the above mentioned code and enjoy the offer.

This is not the end, you will also get the benefit of 45 paisa minute call rate. That is, if you are a Teletalk user, you can enjoy full 90 days 45 paisa minute call rate on any operator. Activate without delay to enjoy this great internet offer of Bandh SIM. You can use the Internet 24 hours a day when the Internet is chasing you, that is, you can use this Internet package for 24 hours for a period of seven days only from Teletalk Bandh SIM.

Teletalk off sim special offer

You can buy 1GB internet of Teletalk off SIM for Tk 21. You can take this unlimited SIM internet offer as many times as you want and this internet will be valid for 30 days.

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