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Dear friends, welcome to our website. Today we will discuss in front of you about a new Bangla font Lipishri Bangla Font. Those of you who are accustomed to typing in Bengali can use this Bangla font. But many of you are not aware of this Bangla font. Those of you who do not know about Lipishri Bangla Font can find out through our website today.

At present there is a widespread use of computers all over the country. There is no office-court where computer is not used. We carry out all kinds of activities for our daily needs with the help of this computer. Since we are Bengali speaking people, we have to create different types of documents in Bengali.

There was a time when Bangla fonts were not very available. But keeping pace with the times, different types of Bangla fonts are gradually being introduced in the country. The type of Bangla font we usually use often requires some variation. Today we will introduce you to a different type of Bangla font which is probably unknown to many.

Do you want to know about Lipishri Bangla Font? Do you want to download this Bangla font? Then we will say that you are in the right place. Because through today’s post you will be able to know about a different Bangla font.

If you read our today’s post carefully from beginning to end, you will be able to know in detail about Lipishri Bangla Font. You can even find out from this article how to download this font, how to install it and how to use this Bangla font. Then let’s move on to the main discussion without further ado.

Lipisri Bangla Font

Lipishri Bangla Font is a very popular Bengali Unicode font nowadays. This font is currently being used in many office-courts. Using this font you can type in Bengali in a very beautiful way and by adding quite a bit of style. The acceptance of this Bangla font is increasing day by day. But there are many of you who do not know how to download or use it. We will have a series of information at the bottom of this post. So keep reading this article with patience.

How to Download Lipishri Bangla Font

If you know the correct web address then you can download Lipi Stri Bangla font directly from there. And if you don’t know it, you can download this Bangla font through Google search. You can also take the help of our website if you want. At the bottom of our website there will be a download link of Lipishri Bangla font. You can download it from there.

Rules for installing Lipishri Bangla Font:

If you have downloaded Lipishri Bangla font then you will get this file in zip format. First you have to unzip it. Once unzipped you will see a ttp file there. Double click and click the install button. Install the file through a simple process.

Rules for using Lipisri Bangla Font:

Once the Lipishri Bangla font is installed on your computer, open Microsoft Word on your computer to use it. Then click on the fontbar. There you will find many types of fonts. You find Lipishri Bangla font and select it. Now this font is ready to be written in Bengali. Now you enjoy it.

Last words:

From the above discussion we got to know in detail about script free bangla font. As well as learning how to download it and how to use it in full. Hope you enjoyed the post and found it helpful. Visit our website regularly to know such new information.

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