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Dear friends, welcome to our website. Today we will discuss with you about a very popular Bangla font in Bangladesh. And the name of this font is Nikash Bangla font. Many of you may be aware of this. But those of you who do not know about Nikash Bangla Font, find out from our website today.

At one time it was seen that there was not much Bengali font available for typing in Bengali. We saw a lot of English Unicode fonts available but there were not many Unicode fonts for writing in Bengali. With the gradual advancement of information technology, the system of typing in Bengali has also improved.

We are now getting several Bangla Unicode fonts in the market. But many of us are not aware of which of these is the best. We have prepared today’s article for your convenience so that you can easily get acquainted with a nice new Bangla font.

Do you want to know about Nikash Bangla Font? Then you are in the right place and this post is for you. Because through today’s post you will be able to know in detail about Nikash Bangla font. Even through this post you will be able to know in detail about all the usage rules, download rules and installation rules of Nikash Bangla Font. We hope you enjoy the article and stay tuned.

Nikosh Bangla Font

Nikash Bangla Font is a very popular Bengali Unicode font in Bangladesh. At present it is used in all offices and courts of the Government of Bangladesh. This Bangla font has been widely used even in the big privately owned companies of the country.

This is a Bengali Unicode font recognized by the government of Bangladesh by which you can type in Bengali very clearly and beautifully. Nikash Bangla Font started their journey in this country in 2016. In a very short span of time it has been able to gain a lot of popularity in Bangladesh.

How to download Nikash Bangla Font

If you want to download Nikash Bangla Font, you can download it directly from the official website of Bangladesh Government. And if you do not know the official website address of the government of Bangladesh, then you can find it through Google search and you can download it.

You can also take the help of our website if you want. There will be a direct link to download Nikash Bangla font on our website. From where you can download it for free.

Rules for installing Nikash Bangla font

When you download Nikash Bangla font, you will get it in zip format. Your first task will be as follows:

Unzip the file.
Once unzipped, you will get a ttf file, right click on it.
Click on the install button at the top.
Install the file through the simple process.
Then go to Control Panel.
Go there and you will get a folder of fonts. Open the setting.
Copy the downloaded ttf file and paste it there. You’re done. Now it’s your turn to use.

Rules for using Nikash Bangla Font

First, open Microsoft Office Word on your computer.
Click on the font bar.
Select the exact font from there.
Now you start typing in Bengali and enjoy.

Last words:

From the above discussion we got to know in detail about Nikash Bangla Unicode font. I hope this post has been helpful to you and you have benefited a lot from it. Also, if you have any further information about this, please let us know in the comments. Visit our page regularly to get such new information. Thanks everyone

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